Nickelytics Launches Rideshare Protection Ad Shield

June 17, 2020


TAMPA, FL - June 17, 2020 - Nickelytics, the platform specializing in mobile out-of-home advertising and attribution, announces the launch of Ad Shield. A unique product to allow gig-economy drivers and passengers to restart their activities post COVID-19, while offering a unique marketing medium for advertisers.

For more than three months, quarantine measures have put the entire ride-sharing economy on hold. As a result, millions of drivers were left without any source of income. Now the economy is beginning to reopen and getting back on the road safely has become a necessity for this community.

Ad Shield is a plexiglass guard that not only protects both drivers and riders from potential exposure, it also provides an excellent medium for advertisers. In a country where one-third of the population continues to use ride-sharing services weekly, in-car advertising remains one of the most effective mediums to reach a broad and attentive audience.

Thanks to Nickelytics’ Ad Shield, not only can brands benefit from the undivided attention of passengers, but it also displays an undeniably positive image of firm support for the local community and economy. All Ad Shields distributed for advertising campaigns are provided to drivers at no cost. A gesture that can only add to a campaign’s success and build affinity with its audience.

"We all have a role in helping protect one another from COVID-19," said Anthony DeRico, Nickelytics Head of Sales. "Ad Shield allows us to deliver on that responsibility by protecting drivers and passengers during these times while providing advertisers a platform to show communities their brand support."

In the face of the current events and the economic impact of COVID-19, Nickelytics has taken the opportunity to continue its mission of connecting brands and consumers through innovative opportunities in the mobility and micro-mobility industry. With Ad Shield, Nickelytics is also able to provide a measure of safety and security necessary for both drivers and passengers to get back on the road.

Nickelytics, a Techstars-backed company, delivers omnichannel ad campaigns by combining out of home advertising with online retargeting. We do this by integrating advertising campaigns with our micro-mobility and ride-sharing partners, track consumers exposed to the ad with our proprietary technology, and digitally retarget those consumers online. Simply put, we help advertisers connect offline exposure to online engagement.

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