Building Brand Affinity While Protecting Drivers & Riders

AdShield provides a safe and effective messaging that shows you care about your customers.

Nickelytics Advertising Supports Ride Share Drivers

Helping the community is the best form of advertising

Before the COVID19 pandemic, one-third of Americans use ride-sharing every week. As both riders and drivers get back on the road, The AdShield gives each rideshare driver and passenger protection and peace of mind. All while providing high-impact brand impressions to a captive audience.

Why it Works

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Start with goals

A great campaign starts with goals. Nickelytics will work with you to create your campaign based on your brand’s objectives by targeting the markets and audiences best suited for your brand.

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Print, Ship & Install

We create, produce, and print all your campaign assets. They are then shipped to the drivers in your selected markets where they install them in as little as 10 minutes.

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Exposure & Reach

Gain thousands of impressions to hundreds of riders each day. Plus, you can take advantage of the the earned media from the PR of helping a community vital to your customers.

Promote your brand while protecting your audience

Nickelytics AdShield

Protect Your Audience

Your customers are your number one asset

Showing your customers you care for their comfort, health, and safety will give them confidence and assurance in your brand. AdShield offers you dual value for your advertising dollars — good messaging and goodwill.

Nickelytics Advertising Helps the Ride Share Community

Protect An Industry

It's time to get back on the road to revenue

Not only does AdShield provide a unique messaging opportunity, it’s great for community impact too. It allows an entire industry to begin its recovery.

Time to get back on the road

Fill out the form and one of our team members will be in touch with more information.

Promote your brand while protecting your audience

Helping the community is the best form of advertising. AdShield is a great way to communicate your brand cares for its customers whether they are riding or driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AdShield cost for a driver?

AdShield is a protective product as well as an advertising opportunity. This means drivers selected for an AdShield campaign generally receive if for free. If you’d like to buy an AdShield directly you can access our Gridwise page here.

How does this product compare to homemade “shields”?

The Nickelytics AdShield provides a solid barrier between the front and back seat of any car or SUV. It is specifically engineered for this purpose and offers a more durable solution than commonly seen homemade shields.

How does the germ/viral protection work?

The CDC has recommended the use of barricades to help block the transmission of fluid and particles from passing between the cabin areas of ride share vehicles. While we do not have evidence or guarantee of this product’s efficacy in stopping transmission, we do know it is safer to have this blockade in the vehicle then not having one.

Does this product interfere with the flow of air conditioning or sound?

No. While AdShield does offer a barrier from particles and fluids, it does not interfere with the safe and comfortable operation of the vehicle as a driver or passenger.

Where is the product made and what is it made of?

AdShield is manufactured in the United States and is made of clear polocarbonate material.


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