How Does It Work

1We source top-rated gig economy drivers that travel at least 30 miles a day through busy city streets.

2Your brand’s logo is masterfully depicted by our graphic design team and professionally applied to your fleet.

3You sit back and watch your advertising campaign boom with our dashboard that measures your total success and ROI.

Out of Home Advertising Statistics


More effective than TV at increasing sales and providing a return on your investment


Of consumers agree that out of home advertising is extremely impactful


Out of home advertising ranks in the fasting growing segments of advertisement worldwide


Product sales generated by out of home advertising per $1 invested

Nielsen & OAAA OOH Advertising Report Shows
Wrapped Vehicles as a Top Medium in the Segment

Wrapped Vehicle


Past month 64%

Past Week 44%

Mobile Billboard

Past month 27%

Past Week 14%

Public Bus

Past month 55%

Past Week 39%

Taxi Cab

Past month 31%

Past Week 17%


Dynamic Advertising that moves

Launch a masterful ad campaign that will supercharge
your profits in three simple steps:

1Creation & Branding

Let us help you create the perfect advertisement. Our branding and design department combines years of industry prowess with your logo, into a mobile billboard that drives engagement, sales, and opportunities for your business.

2Choices & Deployment

Customize your marketing package and get solutions tailored for your unique business needs. Then, launch your campaign and watch business soar through impressions, engagement, and direct sales that you can’t get from any other form of advertisement.

3Analyze, Evaluate, Optimize

Using impression tracking technology we provide you with an intuitive dashboard that analyzes impressions in real-time, evaluates the best strategy to impact your customer base, and optimizes your campaign strategy using data-driven results.

Nickelytics Dashboard
Your Powerful New Campaign Manager

Impression Tracking in Real-Time

We intercept outgoing Wi-Fi signals of phones in the immediate proximity to our fleet. These impressions can be tracked in real-time, directly from your dashboard, giving you information on who your campaign is affecting.


Nickelytics digitally connects you with potential customers by utilizing our impression tracking technology’s database. We figure out exactly who is most likely to utilize your service or product and put the ad right in front of them.


Every impression creates a signal that has a unique identification. That identification is used by our data aggregator to collect imperative marketing data such as age, race, gender, home value, hobbies, and habits. Once we know who it’s affecting, we can target specific areas to ensure your advertisements are being seen by your target audience.


Repetition and familiarity is key when building trust and ultimately more engagement with your brand. Utilizing data gathered from impression insights, we populate ads through digital channels like Google and social media outlets to boost brand awareness and secure new lifelong customers.


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