Category: Out of Home Advertising

Car Wraps Drive OOH Industry Into the Future

Nickelytics Combines the Power of Car Wraps and Data. In the ever-competitive world of advertising, brands and agencies are searching for innovative and effective ways...
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Predictive analysis chart

Predictive Analysis in Advertising: A Guide for Outdoor Advertisers

According to Forbes, predictive analytics can improve processes using machine learning and historical data like weather patterns, consumer behavior, and gas price fluctuations. Predictive analysis...
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guerilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Explained the Nickelytics Way

Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional form of advertising that communicates with the target audience with elements of surprise. Unlike traditional marketing techniques that rely on...
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origin destination study

How to Conduct Origin-Destination (O-D) Study for Effective OOH Ad Placements

O-D study has long been a staple of transportation planning used by urban planners and transportation experts, helping cities and governments understand how people move...
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brad recall

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: 5 Strategies to Improve Your Brand Recall

Technological evolution has given consumers more choices in business with social media marketing, e-commerce, and crowdfunding platforms. This increase in competition has further made thriving...
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brand recall guide

Brand Recall: The Marketer’s Guide to Lasting Brand Recognition

Creating Lasting Brand Memories and Loyalty with Nickelytics’ Out-of-Home Car and Delivery Robot Wraps In today’s dynamic business landscape, securing customer loyalty is challenging, given...
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Augmented reality in OOH advertising

The Future of Augmented Reality in OOH Advertising

The evolution of out-of-home (OOH) advertising from its traditional approach to marketing to being a digital and more functional means of marketing has been remarkable....
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The Secrets to Successful Out-of-Home Advertising: Nickelytics Insights

This article covers the benefits of innovative Out-of-Home advertising solutions and shares how our approach is affordable, scalable, and re-marketable. OOH Advertising – Where Your...
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OOH Campaign

Why Your OOH Campaign Needs to Consider its Surroundings

The demand for creative OOH campaigns has increased in recent times. This is because OOH advertising — now widely used due to its impact and...
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