Measurement, Remarketing, & Attribution

Connect Offline Awareness to Online Engagement

We integrate data, analytics, attribution, and retargeting seamlessly into your out-of-home campaigns.

Nickelytics Analytics
Nickelytics Real Time Analytics

Increase digital engagement by nearly 300%

Customers are 2.8x more likely to engage digitally after seeing your brand in the real-world. This outcome is proven, repeatable, and scalable, using Nickelytics’ enhanced set of tools that measure exposure, retarget on digital channels, and attribute lift.

How We Do It

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Real-Time Analytics

Beyond proof of performance, we provide proof of exposure and presence. We provide sophisticated tracking and audience data through the Nickelytics metrics dashboard.

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Reinforce with Remarketing

Frequency is king, and successful marketing is multi-channel. Connect exposed OOH audiences with your digital tactics to build frequency with retargeting.

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Accurate Attribution

Attribute exposure to website, mobile app, and real-world behavioral activity. We don’t just grow awareness, we drive bottom-line performance.

Presence and exposure are only half the story

Nickelytics Advertising Tools


Amplify your out-of-home campaigns with retargeting

It’s been proven time and time again that multi-channel frequency drives business performance. This combination reinforces brand equity and message retention. Using Nickelytics advanced targeting and reporting, reach your audience off and on-line based on their digital and real-world behavioral signals.

Nickelytics Analytics and Insights


Proof of performance that goes beyond speculation

Correlate business results to ad spend with Nickelytics attribution tools, capturing true cross-channel campaign impact and efficacy. Have the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between historically unattributable OOH and highly measurable digital tactics.

Begin Amplifying Your OOH Message

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Innovation starts by doing things differently

Your campaign and your work should reflect your values. Stand out from other brands and prove that performance is the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What retargeting options are available from Nickelytics?

Using the same data from our analytics dashboard, we are able to retarget those exposed to your mobile out-of-home campaign through digital display, social media, and mobile display mediums. We allow you to drive website traffic, track clicks and conversions so you can have the clearest picture of your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

What attribution options are available from Nickelytics?

Nickelytics leverages technology that identifies mobile devices that were exposed to your OOH ad, then determine if the exposed audience visited your website, downloaded your app or visited your business location.

How does Nickelytics collect the data to effectively remarket and attribute traffic?

Nickelytics uses a variety of tracking pixels, device IDs, and data data sources to identify who has been exposed to your OOH message. These data sources provide us the ability to not only provide campaign and demographic information, but also retarget that audience in mobile, social, and digital channels.

How does Nickelytics address privacy concerns when targeting customers?

Nickelytics and our partners abide industry best practices and GDPR compliance requirements to ensure consumer privacy is maintained and protected.


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