Nickel Ride shifts focus and officially rebrands to Nickelytics

While we have been humbled by the support from our riders, drivers, cities, and most importantly advertisers that have helped grow The Nickel Ride to what it was

  • Operating in 5 cities
  • Employing 30 + drivers, 
  • Providing over 100,000 Free fully electric rides across SWFL. 

We officially announced that we were indefinitely suspending the “free ride-share” model to focus our efforts on providing our ad-tech solutions to the emerging MaaS (mobility as a service) and the growing Gig Economy.

We have officially rebranded The Nickel Ride to Nickelytics

Nickelytics value proposition is to provide dynamic advertising solutions that help increase gig economy drivers pay.

This transition will allow us to leverage the tech platform we have been developing for the past two years while ensuring we are succinctly aligned in our ability to provide significant value to our advertisers.

Between Nickelytics vehicle wraps and digital displays inside and outside the vehicles, we are uniquely positioned to offer brands, small or large, a multi-channel advertisement offering. We can do this while providing stability and additional income to the growing number of gig economy drivers across the US.

With the MaaS markets exploding, rideshare industry growing nearly 8X by 2030, and the OOH industry on fire with year over year growth, (thanks to new technologies, such as electronic location data and eye-tracking.) We couldn’t be more excited about the next chapter for Nickelytics and the next chapter in the companies growth. 

A sincere thank you to all who have been part of our journey thus far.