Tampa-based startup Nickelytics uses Technology to Re-Imagine Outdoor Advertising, raises $120K in a matter of days

nickelytics-raises-$120,000-in-a week

Launching its first-ever Seed Equity Crowdfund on Republic.co, the casual everyday investor can now own a piece of the Outdoor AdTech revolution.

Tampa, Florida, December 16th, 2020Nickelytics, A Techstars backed company based out of Tampa Bay, making headlines in Silicon Valley and internationally in recent months, has launched the first phase of its seed funding round on Republic.co by raising $120k in under a week.

The team is raising money to evolve its platform beyond just mobility advertising and creating a scalable marketplace for buying out-of-home advertising. Nickelytics aims to make launching real-world advertising as simple as posting a Facebook advertisement.

The move is a natural expansion of their mobility advertising offering and geospatial tracking and digitally retargeting capabilities, which the team has successfully been deploying with over 20 advertisers since 2018.

Realizing they had a silver bullet, Nickelytics founders Judah Longgrear and Sven Hermann set an ambitious goal to completely rethink every function and element of the outdoor advertising experience. 

“Outdoor advertising is notoriously difficult to track,” Longgrear says… “Not to mention the outdoor ad buying experience is totally fractured. Currently, advertisers rely on the “spray and pray” method, with no insight into who sees their ad, much less whether the customer made a purchase. Our technology does just this: using digital technology to track the effectiveness of Outdoor advertising in near real-time.” 

With significant universities and dozens of top brands & major agency partnerships already in place, Longgrear and Hermann are proud to unveil plans for the Nickelytics marketplace, a complete overhaul of the outdoor advertising experience since it meets both the demands of all marketers of today, not just big brands, but the creative class, ad agencies, influencers, small businesses to make buying outdoor advertising lightning-fast, easy and cheap for the first time.  

Longgrear sees a massive opportunity to capture both the big brands market and the currently untapped market share of millennials and small brands who use Instagram, Google, and Facebook to advertise their products and services. 

“Our clients were tired of not having insight into their other [out-ot-home] campaigns,” Longgrear said in a recent interview. “Outdoor campaigns are expensive, lengthy, and complex. From ideation to launch, it can take more than six weeks to deploy a single campaign. So we set out to make this process more efficient and more effective by adopting a model many modern marketers are used to – digital marketing.” 

The Nickelytics platform maximizes speed, aesthetics, geospatial-data analytics, and extensive outdoor media inventory to make this possible. By featuring new proprietary geospatial technology and data power, Nickelytics tracks consumer personas and demographics in real-time.

Nickelytics had significant early traction. Nickeltytics participated in Techstars’ Mobility accelerator program in Italy early this spring. Nickelytics joined Republic.co – a wildly popular crowdfunding platform explicitly designed for investments into early-stage companies for as little as $100. Only 2% of companies are accepted to the Republic program.

Nickelytics is currently trending on Republic.co, with over $120k raised in a matter of days from notable investors such as Brian Samelson, Managing Director of Two39 Ventures, who says: “I’m an early Nickelytics investor coming back for more. They are disrupting ad tech with analytical capabilities that provide measurable value to businesses, providing one-week lead time from signature to ad placed into the real world, creating incredibly scalable advertising opportunities. Expecting continued growth and excellent ROI.”To join the campaign, please visit www.Republic.co/Nickelytics .

For more information or press inquiries or interviews, please contact Shane Needham at shane@nickelytics.com.

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