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Decals is a cost-effective option for mobile out-of-home advertising that includes our analytics, attribution, and retargeting capabilities.

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Nickelytics Decals Advertising

Your message everywhere, affordably, with powerful analytics

Decals by Nickelytics is designed with you in mind. Cut down production lead times for faster campaign launches, while connecting offline exposure and online engagement.

Why Decals by Nickelytics?

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Scalable and More Affordable.

Decals by Nickelytics gets shipped directly to our drivers, allow them for self-installation with Nickelytics support. This means, lower production cost to our advertisers, and easier campaign activation.

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High-quality, die-cut adhesives.

We re-engineered the entire vehicle advertising process with quality marterials that are both durable and easy to install. Our Decals allow for flexibility and impact .

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Quicker Time to Market

With our expansive network of drivers and efficient processes, our campaigns can go live as quick as one week. This gives you the power to deploy messaging and garner valuable in nearly half the time of traditional car wrap.

Faster go-to-market,
means faster business results

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Larger audience, larger opportunity

With a product that is built for scale. You can launch campaigns across a number of DMAs or simply double down in your targeted network that you’re looking for increased exposure. Of course. all Nickelytics campaigns come standard with our world class analytics, attribution and retargetting capabitlies.

Nickelytics Decals Advertising


Out of Home advertising for anyone and everyone

We developed a product that makes out of home advertising accessible to even the smallest business. Our campaigns start as low as $100 per month/per vehicle. This gives you both value and the opportunity to saturate your markets with your message.

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Lets drive results

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Frequently Asked Questions

What retargeting options are available from Nickelytics?

Using the same data from our analytics dashboard, we are able to retarget those exposed to your mobile out-of-home campaign through digital display, social media, and mobile display mediums. We allow you to drive website traffic, track clicks and conversions so you can have the clearest picture of your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Does Nickelytics ensure my Decals have been properly installed and deployed?

Yes! We provide POP (proof of production) for all of our campaigns. Our drivers are prevetted, and have detailed support on installing your art work so it looks top notch. They will provide us with digital proof of the product ensuring your brand is represented in the most professional way.

What’s different between Decals and Wraps by Nickelytics?

Vinyl wraps are built for longer-term campaigns and require 3M certified installation. These are excellent for brands looking to get a significant portion of the vehicle wrapped in order to make a big splash, or fit more content/copy. Decals use high-quality die-cut adhesive, making installation a cinch for drivers. They are spacious providing ample room for branding and succinct call to action, at a lower price point.

Is there a minimum /maximum campaign length?

Decal by Nickelytics campaigns can be anywhere from 7 days – 3 months.


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