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Mobile outdoor advertising has never been so accessible and effective.

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Nickelytics is Way Better than Billboards

How about your message everywhere?

The days of static placements and speculative data are a thing of the past. Nickelytics mobile OOH advertising connects offline exposure to online engagement making outdoor advertising trackable and targetable.

Why Nickelytics Vehicle Wraps?

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OOH with digital power

Nickelytics uses a variety of data sources to not only give you a clear proof of performance, but also audience information and the ability to retarget that audience.

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Customized to your needs

We have car, e-scooter and e-bike options to mix and match for the most impact. Nickelytics can customize a range of options to support your campaign.

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The ability to scale

Regardless of your market, message, or audience, Nickelytics can scale to target one small geographic area or multiple major metropolitan areas throughout the US and the EU.

Hybrids are good for the environment
and great for advertising

Nickelytics Advertising Tools

Offline Impact

The power to capture attention and data

For decades, the outdoor advertising industry has relied on a bold presence as its principal value. This still stands true; but why stop there? We want to help you create beautiful and engaging mobile OOH messaging.

Nickelytics Car Wrap Advertising

Online Engagement

A whole different kind of mobile marketing

The true value of the Nickelytics platform is not just its reporting but its ability to remarket. Using trusted and secure data partners, we are able to retarget your customers mobile device to reinforce messaging and drive conversions.

Time to Engage Your Audience

Your customers are on the go, so let's go with them.

Ready to plan your next campaign?

Let one of our marketing specialists guide you through the process to show you how we can help you meet and exceed your campaign goals with our unique blend of strategic insights, creative messaging, and advanced OOH data and retargeting capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What media options does Nickelytics offer?

From full vinyl wraps to decals and Ad Shield, we have several mobile outdoor advertising options for your next campaign. We also have options for eScooters and bike share advertising in some markets.

What markets does Nickelytics have access to?

Nickelytics has a network of partners and individual drivers across the US and the EU. We can serve messaging to just about any market you’re looking to target.

How does Nickelytics address privacy concerns when targeting customers?

Nickelytics and our partners abide industry best practices and GDPR compliance requirements to ensure consumer privacy is maintained and protected.

How much does advertising with Nickelytics cost?

Costs for car wraps, scooters, AdShield, and bike share options all range depending on the campaign. Ideally, we like to hear about your goals and customize a few options based on your needs.


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