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Driving Measurable Results for Brands and Agencies

The best of both worlds

Nickelytics brings together the physical presence of outdoor advertising with the power of digital technology for unbeatable results.

Performance built on partnership

Nickelytics’ partner-first philosophy advocates for both independent drivers and large mobility enterprise.

Best ROI

Our Professionally designed and installed Vehicle wraps will help you brand stand out from the competition! All at the fraction of a cost of a traditional billboard.

Data and performance like no other

Nickelytics’ platform uses a data-driven approach to out-of-home, extending reach and frequency digitally.

How it Works


Define Target Audience

Define your target audience and choose the campaign’s location. (No worries, we’re available nationwide.)


Create Campaign Graphics

Get our professional in-house design team’s support to create stunning and impressive campaign graphics.


Track Results

Track your campaign results in real time. Track impression analytics, retargeting seamlessly and attribution to measure return on ad spend.


Retarget and Convert

Digitally retarget and convert. Customers are 2.8x more likely to engage digitally after seeing your brand in the real-world.

More On Digital Retargeting

Turn real world exposure into online engagement in 3 steps.


Our technology uses points of geo-location data to accurately measure mobile devices in proximity to your vehicle advertisement.


By capturing the unique device IDs to build a profile of your impacted audience, including demographic and affinity insights.


Impacted audience is retargeted with digital ads across mobile apps and social channels. Directly target individuals based on their market affinity and demographic.

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Free consultation and demo

Schedule call and demo with Out-Of-Home Representative professional to learn more about your needs and how we can support your growth and branding plans.


Correlate business results to ad spend with Nickelytics attribution tools, capturing true cross-channel campaign impact and efficacy. Have the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between historically unattributable OOH and highly measurable digital tactics

Attribute website visits, Retail store visits and app downloads

Rideshare or Gig Economy Driver?

Earn more on every mile

Nickelytics puts extra money in your pocket while you drive.
We leverage your usual routes to find the brands that best fit your gig economy business.


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