How Does It Work

Nickelytics will pay you to wrap our customer ads on your car!


It’s simple! Our customers are insterested in promoting their brand, business, or product, and are looking
for innovative ways to reach their target audience.


While you’re driving and meeting new people, you’re also generating thousands of impressions. It’s truly a win/ win for all involved


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We wrap

You Drive

You Earn

Driver Requirements

  • 2010 car or newer
  • Min 30mi/day, 150mi/week, ~4500mi/month
  • Mainly driving in our target markets
  • Valid Driver License

Driver Wrap Options

Back Windshield

Light Wrap

Full Wrap

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Nickel Wraps Driver FAQ

How much money can I make?

You can up to $500 per month for a full wrap, depending on the amount you drive, how often and where.

Who pays for the wrap?

Nickelytics pays the full cost for the wrap to be installed by one of our professional wrap installer..

Is this against the terms of service for Uber/Lyft?

No, you may have an advertisement wrap on your vehicle while driving for either ride sharing service.

Do I need commercial insurance if my vehicle is wrapped?

You will need to confirm with your current car insurance vendor to see if any changes to your policy would be needed.