Providing dynamic advertising solutions to the rideshare industry.


What is Nickelytics?

It is more than just advertisements on vehicles — we’re the ultimate platform for connecting your brand with consumers in the real world and your targeted audience online


Our advertiser solutions:

  • Nickel Wraps
  • Nickel TV
  • Nickel Digital Topper

All part of a total ‘out of home’ campaign when you advertise with Nickelytics


Introducing Nickel Wraps - Your Ads On Cars

1-5 High quality vehicle wrap opportunities on Uber and Lyft drivers vehicles.
2-1 Choose between a full wrap campaign, light wrap campaign or rear windshield take over.
3-1 Generate thousands of impressions with locals and tourists within your desired city.
4-1 Access to Nickelytics Dashboard to track impressions in real time.

Nickel Wrap Options

Half Wrap

Half Wrap

Back Wrap

Back Wrap

Full Wrap

Full Wrap
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Nickel TV (In-Vehicle) 

5-1 Leverage valuable in vehicle attention time from riders while they are on Uber and Lyft rides.
6-1 Choose dynamically how many vehicles and users you're interested in serving up your content.
7-1 Robust analytics and engagement reporting.
8 Access to Nickelytics Dashboard to track impressions in real time.
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Nickel Digital Topper

Ads show on both sides of Digital Topper

9 Geographic Fenced Ads
10 Promote Events / Time of Day
11 Triggered Ads based on the people around the vehicle
12 Static display option or GIF animations
13 High Quality Resolution display
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Nickelytics Dashboard

14-2 Impression serving and vehicle tracking in real time.
15 Impression Insights including age, education, income, home value, and ethnicity.
7-1 Reports audience affinity likelihood that your customers would or would not be members of certain audience segments.
17 Device ID Capturing for Ad Retargeting on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat.
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