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Drive impressions, sales, and profits with a different kind of mobile advertising.

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National reach or hyper-local. Awareness or lead generation. We can make your next campaign a success.

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Nickelytics puts extra money in your pocket just for doing what you already do best – driving.

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Nickelytics values collaboration and always enjoys connecting with innovative data and mobility providers.

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Nickelytics Connected Outdoor Advertising

The best of both worlds

Nickelytics brings together the physical presence of outdoor advertising with the power of digital technology for unbeatable results.

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Data and performance like no other

Nickelytics’ platform uses a data-driven approach to out-of-home, extending reach and frequency digitally.

Nickelytics Loves Partnerships

Performance built on partnership

Nickelytics’ partner-first philosophy advocates for both independent drivers and large mobility enterprise.

Nickelytics Leads Brand Performance

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Full and back window wraps, eScooters, and AdShield are just a few of the ways we elevate your brand and connect with your audience at street level.

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Nickelytics Analytics Tools

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Real ROI from OOH

Build measurable brand equity and attribute real ROI with Nickelytics unique combination of reach and retargeting. Not only can we connect you with your audience, we can track results and remarket better than any other OOH channel.

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The shared mobility industry is complex. Data integration and insights are not simple. With Nickelytics, we can offer sustainable revenue streams and opportunities for innovation.

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Earn more on every mile

Nickelytics puts extra money in your pocket while you drive. We leverage your usual routes to find the brands that best fit your gig economy business.


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