Command attention with ads
that cruise the streets where your audience lives, works, and plays.

Accelerate brand growth
at the intersection of data, analytics, and re-marketability.

With Nickelytics,
drive more sales
for less.


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About our Innovative
Out-Of-Home Advertising Solutions

Measurable, affordable, hyper-local advertising

Boost clicks, conversions, and brand awareness with innovative out-of-home advertising. Harness the power of OOH on rideshare vehicles and food delivery robots.

Customers are 2.8x more likely to engage digitally after seeing your brand in the real world.

Digitally retarget consumers exposed to your ads and track attribution.

Customers are 2.8x more likely to engage digitally after seeing your brand in the real world.

This is proven, repeatable and scalable, using Nickelytics enhanced set of tools that measure exposure, retarget digital channels, and attribute lift.

Hyper-targeted Advertising

Nickelytics allows advertisers to target their ads to specific locations, such as neighborhoods, cities, or even zip codes. This helps advertisers to reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently.


Nickelytics is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Scale the scope of your campaigns as your business grows.


Nickelytics' state of the art advertiser dashboard provides data, analytics, and reporting so you know what kinds of people saw your ads, how many clicked, downloaded your app, called, asked directions, and more. With incredible data intelligence solutions, you can get the metrics you need plus a healthy ROI.

Ease of use

The advertiser dashboard works from any device and is user friendly. Setting up a campaign with us is similar to setting up digital ads and pairs nicely with retargeting, too!

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