Providing dynamic advertising solutions to the rideshare industry.


What is Nickelytics?

It is more than just advertisements on vehicles — we’re the ultimate platform for connecting your brand with consumers in the real world and your targeted audience online

Our advertiser solutions:

  • Nickel Wraps
  • Nickel TV
  • Nickel Digital Topper

All part of a total ‘out of home’ campaign when you advertise with Nickelytics


Introducing Nickel Wraps - Your Ads On Cars

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Nickel TV (In-Vehicle) 

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Nickel Digital Topper

*Ads show on both sides of Digital Topper*

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Nickelytics Dashboard

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Current Locations

Cape Coral

The Waterfront Wonderland — vibrant and friendly community with all the beauty that you expect from Southwest Florida, with more than 400 miles of canals, boating, fishing, and water sports.

Fort Myers

The City of Palms — Popular for its beaches, fishing, shopping, and the opportunity to learn about two of the nation’s most famed inventors and business leaders.

St Petersburg

The “Sunshine City” — Its waterfront parks host the Dali Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Mahaffey Theater. Simply put, just one visit will confirm why it earned the nickname, “Sunshine City".

Current Locations


Home to more than a dozen theme parks. Chief among its claims to fame is Walt Disney World, comprised of parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as water parks. However, the metro is also home to booming Tech, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries.


Population growth has soared by 43% since 2010. Miami is booming! With a soaring economy and rapid population growth, South Florida has become one of the top destinations for Millennials relocating from the Northeast in search of jobs, excellent weather, and lower taxes.


With over 3.8 million people and a median HHI of $47,957, Tampa is known for its year-round tropical climate and award-winning Pinellas County beaches. With a labor force of over 1.5 million, Tampa Bay is one of the top 20 markets in the nation for startup business activity.

Out of Home Adverts Should Be Driving Your Business' Marketing Strategy

Despite being the oldest form of marketing, Out-of-home (OOH) advertising remains one of the best ways to reach new customers. Now accounting for 6% of the global spend on advertising, OOH advertising today is a $29 billion industry. For every dollar that you spend on OOH advertising, you can look forward to receiving approximately $5.97 in ROI revenue. This significant return makes OOH 40% more effective than digital marketing and 14% more impactful than print adverts. With the reach of print steadily declining year on year and consumer desensitization to online adverts, companies of all sizes are using OOH marketing in new and innovative ways to grow business.

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