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Nickelytics is an Out-of-Home adTech company focused on innovation and mobility

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We're all about mobility

The emergence of on-demand vehicles is not just a convenient way to get around and get food delivered, but also a unique opportunity to take Out-of-Home advertising to the next level through mobility and measurement. Everything we do is in service of our greater mission: to make the shared mobility we all rely on for our day-to-day needs inherently more sustainable and create advertising that integrates with our lives in a meaningful way.

Our ultimate vision is to bring Nickelytics advertising to mobility providers around the world, creating the perfect partnership between brands, mobility operators, drivers, and consumers – a first in the advertising world.

Our Team

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Judah Longgear Nickelytics Founder

Judah Longgrear

CEO & Co-Founder

Sven Hermann Nickelytics Founder

Sven Hermann

CTO & Co-Founder

Shane Needham Marketing

Shane Needham


Nate Lewis Nickelytics Senior Developer

Nate Lewis

Senior Full Stack Developer

Margauz Pages Business Affairs

Margaux Pages

Business and Legal

Magdelana Krenek EMEA Partneships

Magdelana Krenek

EMEA Partnerships

Marcello Novelli Operations

Marcello Novelli


Lerah Harris Marketing

Lerah Harris

Social Media

Alessandra Savani

Creative Director

Ally Gannon OOH Advisor

Ally Gannon

Out of Home Enterprise Partnerships

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