Unlock Campus-Wide Reach: Advertise on Food Delivery Robots for Universities


Promote Your Brand with Food Delivery Robots for Universities

Delivery robots are taking over US campuses for a multitude of reasons. According to Global Market Insights, the delivery robot market is going to hit $6 by 2032, with one of the key driving factors being the increase in the use of delivery robots on college campuses.

Why Advertise on Food Delivery Robots?

COVID-19 impacted people’s expectations of having contactless delivery, and college students came of age during that time, normalizing the practice.

Food delivery companies like Uber Eats and Grub Hub have jumped on the delivery robot bandwagon.

Hard-to-reach delivery areas just got easie to reach.

Robots delivering food brings a smile and some excitement to students.

Did you know:

“More than 250 schools already partner with Grubhub to integrate meal plans with standard delivery and pickup.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to advertise on last-mile delivery robots
at a campus near you.

Advertising on delivery robots

The opportunity to advertise on delivery robots will put your messaging in front of thousands of students and their surrounding communities in dozens of highly populated cities as well as locations that are harder to reach with traditional out-of-home advertising solutions.

Check out the benefits of advertising on delivery robots with Nickelytics:

Robot Branding

Adorn Food Delivery Robots with your brand's logo and visuals, turning them into eye-catching roving advertisements.

Geo-Targeted Campaigns

Reach specific areas, events, or demographics with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

QR Code Engagement

Encourage customers to scan QR codes on the robots for exclusive promotions, discounts, or contests.

Custom Creatives

Tailor your advertising content to align with your brand's identity and resonate with your target market.

Getting Started is Seamless:


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Develop visually striking and engaging ad creatives that make an impact.


Budget and Schedule

Set your budget and determine the timing for your campaigns to run, ensuring maximum exposure.


Launch and Monitor

Watch your brand's presence expand as your ads go live. Continuously monitor performance and adjust strategies as needed.


Seize the Future of
Advertising Today!

Advertising on Food Delivery Robots is your gateway to a bold new world of visibility, engagement, and triumph.

Join the ranks of visionary brands that have harnessed the power of this innovative technology to propel their message forward.

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