Data Intelligence and Retargeting Solutions

When you work with Nickelytics, you get more than innovative advertising solutions. You get the best of Out-of-home advertising and a world-class data intelligence suite in one.

Target hyper-local, hyper-specific audiences with precision.


Targeted Audiences

Not all audiences are created equal.
Reach your people where they live, work, and play for a better return on your investment!

Hyper-Local and GEO/Proximity Targeting

  • Blueprint exact addresses & track consumer movement to within 3ft
  • Serve ads to mobile devices in real-time
    • Is someone in your target audience near your retail store? Serve ads on their device to increase foot traffic.
    • Track quantifiable conversions via clicks, foot traffic, phone calls, and other secondary action metrics.
  • Target entire designated market areas (DMAs) with Display/Video Ads on Mobile and Desktop, or OTT/CTV streaming Ads
  • Choose a unique audience to fit your ideal customer/client
  • Target specific addresses, neighborhoods, or Zip codes
  • Proximity Radius around your target location

Weather Triggered
Display ads

Real weather trigger use cases from real customers:

Movie theatre

rainy day? When consumers are within a certain distance from your theatre, they will see your digital ads on their device!

Apparel Store

Starting to snow? Get your customers in stores right away to buy their outerwear.

Car Wash

promotes sales after snow storms. “Clean up your wheels with deals that feel like steals”

Nickelytics’ 1st Party Data

Retarget unique Mobile IDs with

  • Immediate Display/Video Ads on their mobile device based on where they currently are
  • CTV/OTT streaming commercials at their home (Streaming platforms that support ads)
  • Utilize a click-to-call mobile ad
    • Real use cases: medical offices, lawyers, and banks get consumers to click to call, click to download a mobile app, or fill out a form.
  • Retarget on social media or Google ads from our advertiser platform
    • Reach consumers where they are in their customer journey and show the right ads at the right time. They will be 2.8X more likely to engage with your digital ad after seeing your wrapped vehicle and robot ads!
  • Affinity
    • Learn your audience’s behaviors and interests.
  • Demographics
    • Identify the ages, Socioeconomic factors, gender and more of your real audience.

Omnichannel Ads

  • Target Mobile and Desktop devices with Display and Video ads
  • Streaming Ads OTT/CTV
  • Mobile/Home devices


  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Where they were served
  • Conversions/Attribution

Our Advertiser Dashboard is simple to use:

Customer Audiences for Better Targeting

Have a new coffee product?

You can reach women who have been to a Starbucks in the past week between the ages of 20 and 40.

Selling financial products?

You could target audiences within a specific credit score range and in certain locations.

Sales and marketing intenders

- If someone clicks on a link to a particular website, you can immediately target them with display ads!

Online behavior

Is someone looking at pest control sites? Serve them your pest control ads. Individuals who follow a lot of cooking videos? Serve them your cookware ads!

Reach your audience on their most trusted devices

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