Nickelytics FLOCK:
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Nickelytics FLOCK

It’s time for a revolutionary advertising approach. Tired of channels that fade into the background? Say hello to Nickelytics FLOCK – a dynamic and cost-effective way for brands to shine at specific events, concerts, conferences, and more. Like a flock of birds drawing our eyes to the skies, imagine 3 or more wrapped cars strategically parked to capture the attention of your target audience.

What's a FLOCK?

A FLOCK is the ultimate way to make a statement.

We deploy a fleet of wrapped vehicles to the events that matter most to your audience. Be it sporting events, conferences, concerts, or festivals – we’ve got you covered.  This is more than advertising; it’s an experience that captivates and engages your audience at the right time and place.

Why Nickelytics FLOCK?

Event Domination

From single-day events to week-long extravaganzas, we have tailored packages to suit your needs

Dedicated Team

Our experienced team ensures your event activation goes off without a hitch


Enjoy event coverage and receive high-quality photos and videos to boost your social media presence

More visibility

Go beyond digital ads, posters, and traditional billboards with a crowd-stopping flock

Create hype

Let your message cruise the streets where your audience is gathering. #goviral


CPM 3X more cost-effective than billboards and more memorable, too

Hyper local targeting

Seize the streets during important events to make an emotional connection wiht your target audience

Go Viral

Create a photo opportunity for your social media fanatics to go VIRAL

Crowd Engagement

With QR codes or other engaging creative campaigns, flock campaigns rev up audiences

Popular Use Cases

  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Conferences and Conventions
  • New store opening
  • Product launch
  • Parade
  • Expos, Trade shows

Example FLOCK Plan

Imagine a flock of cars parked or circling at a prominent trade show, a Las Vegas Raiders game, and a UFC Fight in one go! Top it off with a strategic presence around airports and hotels during the event. Your brand will be front and center, impacting before, during, and after the show. We even offer online retargeting and other incredible data analytics add-ons to maximize exposure, results, and ROI.

Birds of a feather are flocking outside…
are you ready?

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