Rev Up Your Brand with Car Advertising Decals


Ready to put your brand in the fast lane of visibility? Look no further than Car Advertising Decals – a dynamic and eye-catching way to accelerate your brand’s exposure on the road.

With your message displayed proudly on vehicles, you’ll turn ordinary cars into attention-grabbing billboards that roam cities and neighborhoods.

Whether you’re a local business seeking community recognition or a nationwide brand aiming for widespread impact, Car Advertising Decals offer a powerful platform to drive your message forward.

Why Choose Car Advertising Decals?

Mobile Impact

Transform cars into moving advertisements that showcase your brand wherever they go, capturing attention on the streets.

Flexible Designs

Customize your decals to perfectly align with your brand's identity, creating a visual impression that sticks.

Local Engagement

Reach specific neighborhoods, events, and demographics with precision, ensuring your message resonates.

Flexible Campaigns

Reach specific neighborhoods and target audiences, making your message resonate with those who matter most.


Maximize your advertising budget with a strategy that delivers long-term visibility at a fraction of traditional costs.

Memorable Exposure

Create a lasting impact on potential customers, ensuring your brand stays top of mind.

Car Advertising Decals Opportunities with Nickelytics

Full Decal Wraps

Transform vehicles into powerful canvases with full wraps that cover the entire surface, making your brand unmissable.

Partial Decals

Highlight specific areas of the car with partial decals, allowing for creative designs that reflect your brand's essence.

Promotional Decals

Advertise special offers, promotions, or events on car decals, generating buzz wherever the vehicles travel.

Fleet Branding

Take your brand message to new heights by branding an entire fleet with consistent and impactful decals.

Getting Started is a Easy with Nickelytics


Connect with our expert team at Nickelytics to discuss your advertising goals and devise a tailored strategy for your brand.

Design & Customization

Collaborate with our design professionals to craft visually stunning decals that showcase your brand's personality.

Decal Application

Watch as our skilled technicians expertly apply the decals, turning vehicles into captivating mobile advertisements.

Hit the Road

Experience the immediate impact as your branded cars hit the road, generating attention and driving engagement.

The power of Nickelytics from our customers' perspective

Drive Your Brand to New Heights!

Car Advertising Decals are your gateway to heightened visibility, engagement, and triumph.

Join the ranks of successful brands that have harnessed the power of mobile advertising to accelerate their message.

Contact us today to embark on a journey toward advertising excellence with Car Advertising Decals.

Your brand deserves the spotlight – and with our help, it’s ready to shine brightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 How do I get started?

The easiest way to begin is to use the contact form to get in touch with one of Nickelytics’ account executives to hear about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

02 What if the wrap gets damaged during the campaign?

We work closely with our drivers to ensure your wrap remains in tiptop shape! If damage occurs, we’ll have it repaired or replaced immediately at no cost to you.

03 What markets does Nickelytics have access to?

Nickelytics has a network of partners and individual drivers across the US. We can serve messaging to just about any market you’re looking to target.

04 How does Nickelytics address privacy concerns when targeting customers?

Nickelytics and our partners abide industry best practices and GDPR compliance requirements to ensure consumer privacy is maintained and protected.

05 How much does advertising with Nickelytics cost?

Nickelytics cost a fraction of a cost of a billboard and comes with trackable analytics to know its working