Nickelytics Partners with Republic to Launch Online Fundraising Campaign

Nickelytics is proud to announce our partnership with Republic to facilitate our crowdsourced equity capital raise and we invite you to join us in changing outdoor advertising for the better. 

Because of its complex and opaque nature, the outdoor industry is a far cry from today’s modern digital world where Facebook and Google campaigns can be placed in minutes and success can be measured in just a few clicks. It is clear – the outdoor advertising industry is in need of both evolution and innovation. 

Nickelytics has the technology to make buying out-of-home media trackable, easy, and at-scale by leveraging a pool of outdoor assets on our easy-to-use marketplace platform.

Compared to our competition who are mainly domestic, we are building the largest database of OOH and DOOH inventory both nationally and internationally. We have already launched mobility OOH campaigns across North America and Italy with forthcoming partnerships in fast-growing markets in Central America, Europe, and Asia, allowing us a potential market capture of $67B.

With the support of partners like Lyft and Tier and the backing of Techstars and investors from Uber, Wag!, and top Ten Forbes’ Super Angel, Nickelytics is poised to bring together the players and partners to disrupt how outdoor media is bought and sold, forever. 

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