Miami Marlins Partners with Nickelytics & Kiwibot to Launch First MLB Robotic Activation

Miami, FL, May 3rd— In their continued innovative efforts, the Miami Marlins have partnered with Nickelytics, the venture-backed adtech startup renowned for its innovative Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, and Kiwibot, the leading developer of autonomous robotic technology. This groundbreaking collaboration introduces in-stadium robotic activations designed to elevate fan engagement throughout the baseball season.

Kiwibot’s autonomous robots, traditionally used for urban delivery services, are now stepping into the ballpark at loanDepot park. These robots, paired with Nickelytics’ dynamic ad platform, offer an engaging, interactive fan experience, blending entertainment with cutting-edge technology.

Judah Longgrear, CEO at Nickelytics, reflected on the partnership’s unique aspects: “Integrating our advertising technology with Kiwibot’s robots inside loanDepot park isn’t just an innovation; it’s a reimagining of fan interaction. This collaboration brings a novel dimension to sports marketing that enhances the spectator experience in exciting new ways.” David Pinkhasov, VP of Partnership, viewed this dynamic collaboration “as a pivotal step towards the future of sports advertising, foreseeing its impact across all sporting arenas.” 

Felipe Chavez, CEO and Co-Founder at Kiwibot, highlighted the adaptability of their technology: “Aligning with the Miami Marlins and Nickelytics enables us to demonstrate the adaptability and impact of our robotic solutions. It’s exhilarating to introduce our technology into such a vibrant, public setting and see it revolutionize the fan experience.”

Tiago Pinto, Chief Marketing Officer, at the Miami Marlins, emphasized the forward-thinking nature of this partnership: “We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of fan engagement and providing an incredible experience for all our guests at loanDepot park. Introducing these interactive robots allows us to offer a cutting-edge, memorable experience that resonates with today’s tech-savvy fans. It’s a bold step forward, and we’re excited to lead the charge as the first MLB team to bring this technology to our fans.”

This innovative activation is set to run throughout the 2024 baseball season, providing a unique and captivating new way for fans to enjoy the game and interact with the stadium environment.

About Nickelytics:

Nickelytics is a venture-backed startup offering a platform that makes launching hyper-local Out-Of-Home advertising as simple, scalable, and measurable as online ads. For more information, visit www.nickelytics.com.

About Kiwibot:

Kiwibot is a cutting-edge robotics company renowned for its sidewalk delivery robots, which operate with full autonomy, currently used for neighborhood food/grocery delivery, campus meal delivery, and curbside pickup. Kiwibot leads the last-mile robotic delivery business on US College campuses. For more information, visit www.kiwibot.com

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