Pets and People Together Campaign Case Study

A Heartwarming Success: Sidewalk Robots Deliver a Powerful Message in DC

How did Ad Council and Kiwibot Generate Impactful Change with Sidewalk Robots?

Explore the innovative “Pets and People Together” campaign that utilized autonomous sidewalk delivery robots to deliver a heartfelt message in the heart of Washington, DC. In collaboration with Nickelytics and Kiwibot, the Ad Council, sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund®, embarked on a mission to raise awareness about the unbreakable bond between pets and their families.

Remarkable Results:

Running throughout August 2023, the campaign left a lasting impact:

  • 140,000 People Reached: The robots covered over 130 miles, delivering the “Pets and People Together” message to a diverse and engaged audience.
  • Increased Website Traffic: Each robot featured a custom flag with a QR code, leading to a noticeable spike in overall website traffic, showcasing the campaign’s success in driving engagement.
  • National Buzz: The initiative gained coverage in major national news and marketing publications, including OOH Today, MarTech Series, and TastyAd, amplifying the message beyond the local community.

Who Should Explore This Case Study?

If you advocate for meaningful or innovative advertising solutions, explore the possibilities with Nickelytics, a T72 company renowned for impactful advertising solutions. Join us in delivering messages that resonate and create positive change.

Our new partnership with Nickelytics will allow us to share Smokey Bear’s message on eye-catching delivery robots and share critical information in an unforgettable way.

Laurie Keith, VP Emerging Media & Technology at The Ad Council
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