The Secrets to Successful Out-of-Home Advertising: Nickelytics Insights

This article covers the benefits of innovative Out-of-Home advertising solutions and shares how our approach is affordable, scalable, and re-marketable.

OOH Advertising – Where Your Target Audience Lives, Works, and Plays

Picture this: as you step outside your home, you’re greeted by a multitude of advertising displays. Whether posters adorning buildings or vibrant LED displays illuminating the streets, Out-of-Home advertising has become integral to our surroundings. And it’s not just limited to displays; billboards, those larger-than-life canvases, have become an iconic symbol of advertising, capturing the attention of a staggering 80% of Americans.

The global expenditure on Out-of-Home advertising is on the rise, and Ad spending in the OOH Advertising market is projected to reach US$38.41bn in 2023, according to Statista. But what sets OOH advertising apart from the rest, from its cost-effectiveness to powerful performance?

The efficiency of OOH advertising lies in its ability to enhance online campaigns, drive substantial returns on investment, and boost mobile click-through rates. According to the Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing and Management Bureau (COMMB), Out-of-Home advertising significantly enhances the performance of digital channels. OOH increases online advertising results by 31%, paid-social by 56%, and search by 80%. These figures speak volumes about the power of OOH advertising and. So now, you can also unlock the full potential of your advertising campaigns with Nickelytics’ data-driven OOH solutions, supercharging your reach, engagement, and ROI like never before.

Now that we understand the impact and potential of OOH advertising, let’s delve into the secrets that make it a resounding success:

1. Set Your Campaign Plan and Goals

Every successful OOH campaign begins with a well-defined plan. Identify strategies that align with your goals, and be flexible, so you can adapt your tactics as you test. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness, drive a specific call-to-action, launch a new product line, reach a new demographic, or expand your services, having a clear plan and working towards your goals is crucial for achieving a desirable return on investment.

Create a strategic campaign plan and set your goals for OOH advertising success!

2. Localized Approach: Connecting with Your Target Audience

To reach your niche audience, you need to advertise where they spend their time. Placing digital billboards in busy market squares or along highways may seem wise, but without a deep understanding of your target audience, the impact may not be what you expect. Nickelytics’ hyper-targeted campaigns allow you to advertise where your audience lives, works, and plays. Or if you have a brick-and-mortar business, you can advertise nearby to get more feet in the door. But you need to have your ads work strategically for you, so understanding where to advertise is just as important as understanding who you are advertising to.

Get in touch with us to plan your targeted OOH campaign

Engage your target audience effectively through customer-centric OOH advertising!

3. Simplicity Speaks Volumes: The Power of Clear and Concise Visuals

In a fast-paced world, simplicity is key. When it comes to Out-of-Home advertising, less is usually more. The people encountering your ads on the move have limited time to process information. Therefore, capturing their attention with clear and concise visuals is crucial to convey your message effectively. Utilize the power of bold minimalism, compelling visual cues, and a strong call to action with Nickelytics car wraps and autonomous delivery robots. Let these perfect canvases showcase your elegant and straightforward advertisements, avoiding clutter and ambiguity and ensuring that every element of your ad makes a meaningful impact.

Harness the impact of simplicity in OOH advertising and craft compelling visuals!

4. Integrate Mixed Marketing Strategies: Amplifying the Out-of-Home Advertising Experience

Integrating mixed marketing strategies can significantly amplify your impact in a world where digital technologies continue to shape our experiences. Take inspiration from Apple’s “Live Text” feature, which allows users to read text in the real world using their smartphone cameras. By mounting billboards in public places and encouraging users to capture and interact with the text, Apple created an immersive experience that seamlessly merged the physical and digital realms. Embracing mixed marketing tactics can exponentially increase customer awareness and conversion rates.

Explore the immersive possibilities of merging physical and digital realms in OOH advertising!

5. Deploy Analytics Tools: Unlocking Insights for Optimal Campaign Performance

Leveraging analytics tools is crucial to ensure your OOH campaign’s success. Data-driven insights provide valuable metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS), return on marketing investment (ROMI), cost per lead (CPL), cost per click (CPC), and aggregate marketing data from different channels. Nickelytics leverages data partnerships and geolocation data from their assets to gain insights into consumer demographics, common locations, and affinities based on ad exposures. They further enhance these insights through dynamic multipliers, considering factors like interactions, vehicle speed, dwell time, time of day, and weather. Additionally, the easy-to-use platform shows real-time data, such as whether the exposed audience visits your store or website, and insights into their demographics, affinity, and spending behavior. With this wealth of information, you will better understand and engage your target audience. Get started with us today and drive your advertising success to new heights!

Leverage analytics tools to maximize the impact of your OOH advertising campaigns!

6. Less Promotional, More Organic: Building Authentic Connections

Finding the perfect balance between promotional and organic content is an art. Savvy customers get a bad feeling when they are being blatantly advertised to. To avoid giving your audience that icky feeling, your ads should make an emotional connection with them. By presenting your product or service as a solution to their problems, you show you understand them and their needs. Make the customers the focal point of your campaigns. Moreover, create campaigns that help them to feel like an integral part of your brand story and community. By doing so, you can build trust and establish a lasting relationship. And let’s face it; it’s only by knowing and understanding your niche audience that you can speak to their needs. Get to know them and reflect that in your OOH content.

Discover the art of striking the perfect balance between promotional and organic content in OOH advertising!

7. Make it Stand Out and Be Memorable: Leaving a Lasting Impression

In a world bombarded with advertisements, your OOH ad must rise above the noise and leave a lasting impression. On average, Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. To stand out, your ad must be memorable, incorporating a unique selling point (USP). It must compels the audience to take action. Take inspiration from Coca-Cola, which identified their selling point as “Refresh the world. Make a difference.” Maximizing the USP in their campaigns created a lasting impact that resonated with their audience.

Learn how to create memorable OOH advertising that resonates with your audience!


OOH advertising is a powerful medium that generates vast impressions and conveys information on a grand scale. To unleash its full potential, embracing the secrets outlined above can help brands harness their power is essential. At Nickelytics, we offer a unique OOH solution that transforms ordinary vehicles and delivery robots into captivating mobile billboards. This provide an innovative and attention-grabbing way to advertise, connect with consumers, track campaign performance and enable digital re-marketing. With our platform providing real-time analytics and rich data, you can track campaign performance. For example: visits to your website or store. You can also learn more about your exposed audience, and achieve unparalleled results for less.

Are you ready to make your OOH advertising budget do more for less? Visit our website to learn more about partnering with Nickelytics or, book a call with one of our team members.

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