Nickelytics: The Innovative Solution For Out-Of-Home Advertising That Yields Critical Data and Enables Retargeting.

Digital-only advertising strategies and traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising can leave brands in a lurch.

Summary: Through the use of car wrap and delivery robotics ads, Nickelytics enables brands to get their messaging in front of their target audience where they live, work, and play. With the Nickelytics adTech platform, advertisers can map where their ads traveled, learn about the demographics, affinities, and behaviors of those the ads crossed paths with, and seamlessly retarget them online. It’s never been easier to track website visits, foot traffic, and app downloads. This car wrap ad strategy is scalable – and one of the most memorable and effective forms of advertising based on studies from OAAA and Nielsen Normal Group.

Enter Nickelytics, a bridge businesses can cross to get the most out of OOH and digital. Break through the noise and dominate the competition 

Nickelytics median CPM: $2.89 
National cost for wall scapes: $26.77 CPM
National cost for billboards: $5.33
Facebook: $8.77

Introduction: Car and delivery robotic wraps are an incredibly effective form of advertising when paired with adTech. These wraps display the ad creative of brands of all sizes in key, strategic areas based on city, zip code, county, or region. Ads can serve top, middle, or bottom-of-funnel marketing strategies, creating awareness, building brand loyalty, or driving passersby to act.

Problem: As time goes by, brands need more and more touchpoints to achieve their business objectives. The antiquated belief that potential customers only need to see your brand 7 times is no longer true in the saturated ad marketplace that spans digital, radio, streaming services, classic TV, print, and out-of-home advertisement (OOH) solutions.

You need something effective and head-turning as part of your overarching marketing strategy to get noticed, build trust, create brand loyalty, and convert or retain customers. 

  1. Traditional OOH Advertising Does Not Enable Strategic Retargeting

OOH advertising, like billboards and subway ads, has long been a standby in ad buying because of their somewhat predictable reach. The problem with these ads is you can’t always track who has seen your ads to retarget them with digital marketing later. With new adTech solutions like Nickelytics, with Nickelytics, you have the potential to track and collect valuable data. Because traditional OOH advertising do not collect relevant data to retarget your ad-exposed audience, digital ads must take a shot in the dark about where the audience may be in the customer journey. Nickelytics’ innovative solutions can help with this.

  1. Traditional OOH Advertising Can Be Inaccessible or Expensive 

Audiences are used to billboards and other traditional OOH advertising, and companies of all sizes need something more noticeable. These traditional forms of OOH advertising are only inaccessible to some business types and are not practical in less populated markets. They are too expensive for smaller and medium-sized businesses to afford, therefore lacking accessibility to many verticals, including legal, medical, up-and-coming food and bev, the adult industry, and more. The Nickelytics advertising platform appeals to all audiences and provides a level playing field for all businesses to advertise regardless of size.

  1. Digital Marketing Alone Is Not a Complete Marketing Strategy

So often, companies complain that their digital marketing strategy is falling short. The cost of CPMs is going up, and ad performance is unreliable. The entire customer journey hinges on exposure to the messaging online, which is less effective than combined OOH and digital retargeting. 

Solution: Enter Nickelytics

We offer car wraps nationwide and autonomous delivery robots in select cities. Wrapping these assets can solve many of your marketing challenges

  • More cost-effective than traditional OOH
  • Simple and scalable growth
  • Appeals to  businesses of all sizes
  • Great for both large and harder-to-reach markets – Think national, regional, and zip code/city-specific geotargeting 
  • Advertise in core coverage areas where your targeted audiences live, work and play.
  • Ability to retarget with digital ads
  • Data Analytics –
    • Nickelytics’ dashboard provides data about your ad-exposed audience, such as demographics, behaviors, and affinities
    • Attribution – attribute clicks, app downloads, and foot traffic.
  • Car Wraps are an innovative and memorable ad type – considered the most effective OOH advertisement by business owners 
  • Social media LOVES our delivery robots and car wraps – many of our campaigns have gone viral

Details: Nickelytics Handles the Hard Part

With Nickelytics, we place your ad creative on rideshare vehicles such as Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft. We take care of driver vetting and recruitment, wrap installation, and we partner with or tackle your ad creative for you. Then we put your ads to work where and when you need them to.

You Decide: You choose the size of your fleet, the length of your campaign(s), and targeted areas in order to target your ideal audience where they live, work, and play. 


  • Lower CPM than traditional OOH ads – as low as $2.38 CPM
  • Healthy ROI
  • Strategic campaigns that reach your audience at the right point in their customer journey- with applications for top, middle, and bottom-of-funnel campaigns
  • You stand out from the noise with innovative, novel car wrap advertising.
  • Attribution lift on behaviors like website visits, foot traffic, and app downloads
  • Ability to retarget consumers with digital ads on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


People exposed to OOH ads are 2.8 times more likely to engage with digital ads.

Digital marketing alone doesn’t work as effectively as combining OOH and digital retargeting. With Nickelytics, you can target your ideal customers hyper-locally and launch an effective campaign, magnifying your marketing efforts.

Let’s work together to plan your first car wrap campaign at the scale you need where you most need it.

Growing your business is our business.

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