Duradry Targets 3.81 Million Potential Customers, Powered by Nickelytics

The measurability and broad reach of online advertising platforms haven’t stopped businesses from retaining OOH as an integral part of their marketing strategy. With the rising CPM of online media, new ventures are considering OOH as a more scalable advertising option. 

However, traditional OOH isn’t particularly exceptional. Highway billboards and alleyway display banners inspire significantly low engagement, especially in current times where people spend more time within their neighborhoods than they do commuting across cities. 

To meet consumers at their very point of interaction, the personal care brand Duradry, in a strategic partnership with Nickelytics and Cartken, is delivering engaging and measurable OOH campaigns to some of America’s most interactive neighborhoods. 

What does this mean for Duradry and how is the market shaping up to help more brands build intimate connections with their target customers?

We Are Driving Innovative Advertising Through Autonomous Technology

Since the pandemic, there’s been a rapid upward trend in the sales and use of autonomous vehicles. Despite public sentiments toward road-plying autonomous cars, forward-thinking cities are embracing the technology better than the market had imagined.

Beyond Google’s Waymo and Amazon’s Scout, everyday businesses are using autonomous vehicles for intra-city order fulfillment purposes. For this reason, the logistics industry has tilted towards adopting unmanned robot delivery vehicles often powered by AI.

Given that these autonomous vehicles are relatively new in these enabling neighborhoods, they receive lots of attention from intra-city commuters and pedestrians. You can argue that there’s nothing as exciting as cohabiting with gorgeous robots. However, there is a burning question in the marketing space: should robots alone get all the attention? 

We Are Facilitating The Adoption Of Duradry’s All-Natural Personal Care Products

Duradry campaign by Nickelytics

Several months ago, we announced our partnership with Serve Robotics. Since then, we’ve helped growing brands piggyback on the attention that these autonomous vehicles are receiving from enabling communities. 

Today, we announced yet another partnership with Cartken to help brands extend their reach to the neighborhoods of direct consumers. For brands to be successful, they have to find a way to become a part of their customers’ everyday lives. And as autonomous technologies (e.g. delivery robots) become a societal norm in those neighborhoods, an opportunity is availed to forward-thinking brands, one of which is Duradry

With global temperature rising at a record rate, residents of hot and humid states have an increased tendency to sweat uncomfortably. Duradry’s effective solution for excessive sweating is designed with clean ingredients to help users live and interact more confidently. 

With our newly announced partnership, Duradry is piggybacking on the enormous attention gains of Cartken’s autonomous vehicles. And we are the strategic powerhouse making it happen.

We Are Hyperlocally Targeting Miami and Fairfax

There are over 2.67 million residents in Miami-Dade (FL) and 1.14 million residents in Fairfax (VA). All these people are warmly welcoming autonomous technologies into their communities. 

Our strategic partnership with Cartken and Duradry aims to enable these residents to also welcome and adopt Duradry’s effective sweat protection products.

Cartken autonomous vehicles are equipped with our proprietary OOH advertising technology to track campaign reach, impressions, engagement, and all vital advertising KPIs in real time. Our goal is to enable Duradry to help Miami and Fairfax residents stay dry and confident all year long. 

On A Final Note

Traditional OOH is clearly not a worthy-enough complement to online advertising. A more effective and strategic approach is to use emerging and rapidly growing outdoor autonomous technologies to gain the attention of your target customers.

Our partnerships with Cartken, Serve Robotics, and other advertising partners aim to bring OOH advertising that is more engaging than ever before to America’s welcoming neighborhoods. With us, your brand gets closer to consumers. We meet consumers where they are and we inspire conversations around your brand because autonomous technologies are new and exciting.

Looking to launch a high-performance OOH campaign soon? 

Get in touch with us today.

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