Nickelytics Adds Decals To Its Lineup With Launch Partners Duradry, Powerful Foods, and TISSINI

Nickelytics, a Tampa-based mobility advertising startup has announced the launch of Decals – a new line of vehicle advertising that gives businesses better access to mobility OOH options and the valuable analytics, remarketing, and attribution that only Nickelytics can provide. 

The new Decal product is comprised of smaller individual graphical elements that are applied to ride-share or delivery vehicle by the driver themselves. This self-installation method along with reduced production costs provides brands with access to more cost-effective opportunities and quicker time-to-market for their campaign. This also allows a brand to deploy more vehicles in more markets creating greater exposure to their audience. 

With the launch of this new offering, Nickelytics will welcome Duradry, Powerful Foods, and TISSINI as launch partners. These brands are among the first to take part in the Nickelytics Decals program to bring awareness and exposure to their brand and mission. 

“This is exactly what we’ve been looking for; An easy way to launch ads out there in the world and most importantly measure performance. Nickelytics is basically Facebook Ads Manager for advertising for the real world”, said Jack Benzaguen, CEO and Founder of Duradry. 

For this product release, Nickelytics is partnering with Sticker Genius to produce and distribute high-quality graphic elements that make up the Decals vehicle campaigns. Sticker Genius provides a multitude of premium materials that give Nickelytics advertisers great-looking assets with long life and maximum flexibility throughout their campaign. 

“We are excited to partner with Nickelytics on this new product”, said Derek Varisto at Sticker Genius.  “We look forward to working with Judah and the Nickelytics team to bring opportunity to both big brands and individual rideshare and delivery drivers through innovation and quality.”

The launch of Decals is the second in as many months for Nickleytics as they work diligently to not only innovate on the mobility advertising model but provide options for safety and opportunity in a post-COVID economy. Nickelytics launched AdShield in late June. 

“The opportunity to innovate exists everywhere in the OOH (out-of-home) industry”, said NIckelytics CEO and Founder, Judah Longgrear. “We are looking at every opportunity to bring the value of great creative messaging and actionable data to our advertisers that exceeds what they can find in a singular digital or traditional medium.”

Carlos Ramirez, CEO, and Founder of Powerful Foods added, “The Powerful Foods team believes that Nickelytics provides us an opportunity as unique as our brand. We are looking forward to this collaboration to share our products and mission with our customers through this hybrid approach to highly targetted advertising.”

For media inquiries related to this announcement, please contact Nissa Weisser at nw@omnipublic.global or 256-867-5026.

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