Rideshare and Delivery Drivers Can Make Incremental Income by Helping Promote Early Voting in Tampa Bay

Influential Hillsborough County Voters Get Educated with the Help of Local AdTech Innovator

Tampa, Florida, October 16, 2020 – This year’s effort to educate voters on their options has now tapped into Florida’s innovation economy to bring early voting options to Florida’s largest county ahead of the 2020 Election. Through the power of mobile outdoor advertising and digital retargeting, Nickelytics will launch voter education messaging on rideshare and delivery vehicles in the Tampa Bay area.

This non-partisan campaign aims to bring education and awareness of early voting options to the residents of Hillsborough County. This collaboration marketing effort seeks to go beyond traditional marketing channels and find ways to bring this message into the community and engage voters on how, where, and when to vote. 

Like any other voter outreach campaign, the key to success is enlisting the community to help drive the message. Nickelytics is recruiting Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Instacart, Postmates, and other shared mobility drivers to be a part of this campaign. Each driver should have a valid Florida driver license, a vehicle less than ten years old, drive 250+ miles per week and have a four-star or better driver rating on their platform. 

“This campaign is a prime example of how Nickelytics can bring timely and valuable to any market through our industry-leading platform.”, said Judah Longgrear, Founder and CEO of Nickelytics. “The combination of mobile out of home advertising and digital retargeting gives us a unique opportunity to inform and educate our community in a way other marketing channels cannot.”

Nickelytics is an emerging leader in the mobile outdoor advertising industry with a range of products and services focused on combining the reach of out of home channels and the analytics and retargeting capabilities of digital marketing. Key to their success has been partnerships with mobility industry players like Lyft, Uber, Dott, Doordash, and their drivers to place advertising on their drivers’ vehicles. Collaboration with the mobility industry has proven to be a fruitful partnership that brings drivers incremental revenue opportunities for every shift they drive. 

Nickelytics is always recruiting drivers to be a part of their customers’ advertising campaigns. Any rideshare or delivery driver is eligible to apply. Drivers are selected based on a few key factors, including average weekly mileage, driver platform rating, and the age/condition of their vehicle. Drivers looking to apply for these opportunities can visit nickelytics.flywheelstaging.com/drive/ for more information. 

“We are excited to bring this timely and relevant message to our local community,” said Longgrear. “Regardless of beliefs or party affiliation, it is important that every member of our community understand their role and right to be a part of our democratic process at the federal, state, and local level.” Drivers can apply to be a part of this campaign directly by visiting the Nickelytics website and filling out the application form. Alternatively, they can download the Nickelytics smartphone app for iPhone or Android to sign up.

Media Inquires: Cesar Hernandez, ch@omnipublic.global or 813-277-6540

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