10 Quick Tips to Master Car Wrap Advertising


The field of advertising is always evolving in today’s fast-paced society. There are always new, creative ways to interact with customers. Ridesharing advertising is breaking through the noise. Although car wrap advertising it’s still a relatively new idea in out-of-home advertising, it is gaining popularity because of its memorable and makes consumers more likely to engage with digital ads. 

This blog will give a quick overview of rideshare advertising, and if you are interested in leveraging this advertising solution in your marketing strategy, we have an amazing free resource for download. 

What to expect from the FREE ebook:


What is Car Wrap Advertising?

Advertising on ridesharing vehicles, such as the ones you see zooming around town with the Uber or Lyft logos, is known as car wrap advertising. These cars serve as mobile billboards for your business, promoting it to the people you want to reach wherever they may be at home, at work, or having fun. 

What are the challenges with the digital-only advertising approach?

Digital advertising today is amazing, but it has some challenges. These challenges are:

  1. Viewability Issues
  2. Conversion Challenges 
  3. Limited Audience Reach
  4. Ad blocking
  5. Privacy concerns and many more

Why Ridesharing Advertising Matters?

  1. Targeted reach: Advertising for ridesharing services is similar to a marketing ninja. Based on their location, you can narrow down your audience. It’s like having a magnifying lens on your potential customer’s location, demographics, interests, and behavior. The appropriate audience receives your message at the ideal moment. 
  1. High visibility: When your brand is shown on those high-mileage vehicles, it’s like getting a front-row seat to the biggest event. Where it counts the most, your brand takes centre stage.
  1. Consumer engagement: Rideshare advertising is similar to mingling at a party. People exposed to out-of-home marketing, such as car wraps and decals, are more likely to use digital marketing.
  1. Campaigns in hard-to-reach places: Traditional out-of-home advertising serves certain locations and verticals. However, car wrap advertising allows you to spread your message regardless of how far away the place is or whether your product needs to be suitable for billboards.
  1. Retargeting: With Nickelytics car wraps, you can retarget and display digital adverts to customers exposed to your messaging, unlike traditional out-of-home advertising. It’s like getting another chance to make a terrific first impression!

Benefits for Advertisers

  1. Local Trips, Hyper-Local Impact: Rideshare advertising isn’t just for the big players. Even local businesses can shine by promoting their products or services hyper-locally. Big brands can also run multiple campaigns simultaneously, ensuring they’re seen in all the key markets.
  1. Effective Branding: Car wrap ads are like the VIP pass to introduce your brand. They significantly influence and aid in establishing brand recognition and trust with your target market. Before you realise it, your company becomes well-known. 
  1. Brand Awareness and Loyalty: The power of car wraps is not only aesthetic. Consider a ride-sharing vehicle displaying your company’s name and slogan as it drives around the financial area. Guess who passengers will think of first when they require what you provide. Indeed, you! Loyalty is bred in this manner. 
  1. Driving Actions: Car wraps are more than simply eye enjoyment; they inspire action. Passengers can’t help but take action immediately when presented with the correct elements, such as QR codes and appealing calls to action, like visiting your website or purchasing. It’s like magic! 
  1. Exposure Multiplier: Car wrap advertisements can serve as an initial touchpoint with your audience. They can act as your brand’s first point of contact or as a push to get your audience to move from awareness to interest and then to action. It’s a present that never runs out.

So there you have it—your guide to the thrilling world of car wrap advertising. It’s more than just wrapping a car; it’s wrapping your brand in success. 


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