Kiwibot and Nickelytics Revolutionizing Last-Mile Deliveries with Innovative OOH advertising solutions.

Welcome, fellow tech enthusiasts and visionaries, to a groundbreaking announcement that will leave you on the edge of your seats! Today, we are thrilled to reveal an extraordinary partnership that’s set to redefine the world of autonomous delivery. Join us as we witness the future of last-mile deliveries!

Introduction: Embracing the Future of Deliveries

In a world where technology continues to reshape our daily lives, two pioneering companies are joining forces to transform the last-mile delivery landscape. Kiwibot, the cutting-edge robotics company renowned for its sidewalk delivery robots, and Nickelytics, the innovative venture-backed adtech startup specializing in Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, are teaming up to bring innovation, efficiency, and excitement to the sidewalks of Washington, DC. 

The first two campaigns are “Savor the Flavor with Rita’s Italian Ice” in partnership with Stiletto Collective and “Pets and People Together” in partnership with Ad Council. So let’s look into these exciting initiatives that promise to revolutionize last-mile deliveries and reshape how we experience advertising and community engagement.

The Phenomenal Tech Powerhouse Collaboration: Nickelytics and Kiwibot

First, let’s give a big round of applause to Kiwibot, the trailblazing company on the cutting edge of innovation in autonomous delivery robots. They’ve been making waves with their impressive C2C (Corner to Corner) technology, allowing the delivery robots known as Kiwibots to stay centered on the sidewalk without human assistance. But guess what? That’s just the beginning of their incredible journey! Thanks to their latest advancements, Kiwibots have officially climbed the ladder to level 4 – high driving automation! These robots can carry out tasks autonomously and only need supervision during rare high-risk moments. Talk about an epic leap in autonomy!

With the help of this blog, we celebrate the fusion of minds, robots, and cutting-edge tech. It’s a revolution that transcends boundaries and unlocks new horizons. Together, Kiwibot and Nickelytics are looking forward to crafting a future that’s bolder, brighter, and brimming with possibilities. This thrilling partnership is just the beginning of a series of technological marvels shaping the future of innovative OOH ad tech.

Campaign 1: Savor the Flavor with Rita’s Italian Ice

Bringing Rita’s Italian Ice to the Streets of DC

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, what could be better than enjoying the cool, refreshing taste of Rita’s Italian Ice? Thanks to the collaboration between Nickelytics, Kiwibot, and Texas-based agency Stiletto Collective, the delightful flavors of Rita’s Italian Ice are hitting the streets of Washington, DC. By leveraging Nickelytics’ hyper-local ad platform alongside Kiwibots’ state-of-the-art autonomous robots, this campaign promises to deliver an immersive and engaging experience for locals, enticing them to savor the delicious treats of Rita’s Italian Ice at their local shop.

Creating Unforgettable Interactions 

The partnership between Nickelytics and Kiwibot unlocks new creative opportunities for delivery robots. The combination of cutting-edge technology and captivating advertising allows them to create delightful interactions that leave a lasting impression on everyone who encounters their robots. Imagine walking down the sidewalk, and suddenly, a Kiwibot adorned with vibrant Rita’s Italian Ice ads rolls by, tempting you with its mouth-watering visuals. It’s an experience that will surely brighten anyone’s day and create a memorable connection between the brand and the consumer.

Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard is all about surprise and delight, and having our beloved brand highlighted on a delivery bot is just that,” said Mark Jenkins, Vice President of Marketing at Rita’s Italian Ice. The campaign embodies Rita’s commitment to elevating excellence and delivering unique, crave-worthy treats that create excitement around the brand.

Craving the scoop of details on Savor the Flavor with Rita’s Italian Ice? Click here to satisfy your curiosity!

Campaign 2: Pets and People Together

Inspiring Action to Keep Pets and Families Together

Beyond delighting taste buds, the Kiwibot-Nickelytics collaboration is embracing a meaningful cause with the “Pets and People Together” campaign. In collaboration with the Ad Council, Nickelytics and Kiwibot are embarking on an initiative to inspire people to take steps to help keep pets and their families together. Leveraging Nickelytics’ expertise in targeted OOH advertising and Kiwibots’ safe and reliable delivery robots, this campaign aims to engage with Washington, DC residents on an intimate level, driving awareness for the cause.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

The national “Pets and People Together” campaign, developed by the Ad Council, Maddie’s Fund®, and the Humane Society, encourages audiences to take important steps to help keep pets and their families together. By fostering pets for friends, family, or neighbors, donating pet food to food pantries, and supporting veterinary expenses for local pets, the campaign aims to make a positive impact in the community.
Hop on over to www.petsandpeopletogether.org for all the fur-tastic details!

A Visionary Partnership with Lasting Impact

Transforming Advertising and Delivery Experiences

The collaboration between Nickelytics and Kiwibot is set to revolutionize the advertising and delivery landscape in Washington, DC, and beyond. By combining Nickelytics’ innovative ad solutions with Kiwibots’ cutting-edge robotics, they create powerful and unforgettable experiences for consumers. It’s not just about delivering goods; it’s about delivering immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

We believe this campaign will delight consumers and create lasting memories of Rita’s Italian Ice,” said Judah Longgrear, CEO of Nickelytics. The partnership showcases the power of the Nickelytics platform in transforming OOH advertising into an engaging and immersive experience.

Using last-mile robots in advertising creates a warm and friendly connection between people and businesses. It’s a great way to showcase the benefits of this technology in the industry,” said David Rodriguez, Head of Business Development and Co-Founder at Kiwibot. The partnership with Nickelytics represents an opportunity to revolutionize the advertising landscape in Washington, DC and set new standards for hyper-local OOH advertising.

Conclusion: A Future of Innovation and Impact

The Kiwibot-Nickelytics collaboration is a force to be reckoned with in the world of last-mile deliveries and advertising. With campaigns like “Savor the Flavor with Rita’s Italian Ice” and “Pets and People Together,” they are setting new standards for hyper-local OOH advertising and meaningful community engagement. It’s more than just ads and deliveries; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with people and inspire them to take positive action.

The campaigns begin on July 31st, delivering immersive experiences and inspiring action in the hearts of Washington, DC residents. The Kiwibot-Nickelytics collaboration is paving the way for a future where last-mile deliveries become more than just a transaction; they become moments of delight, connection, and impact.

Want to partner with Nickelytics to place your ads on delivery robots or car wraps? Contact us today to explore this exciting opportunity!

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